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source := src
output := out
sources := $(wildcard $(source)/*.md)
lang := es-ES
target := documento
# pdf control, other fonts could be:
# 'Liberation Sans', 'Liberation Mono'
# 'Arial'
mainfont := 'Source Sans Pro'
monofont := 'Source Code Pro'
pdf_opt := --smart --standalone --variable geometry:a4paper --variable lang=$(lang) \
--number-sections --toc --from=markdown --to latex --latex-engine=xelatex \
--variable mainfont=$(mainfont) \
--variable monofont=$(monofont) \
--variable fontsize='12pt' \
## Recipes for targets
# These targets are not files
.PHONY: clean pdf latex mediawiki epub github
# all -- This target try to build every thing
all: pdf latex mediawiki epub github
# reset -- This target deletes every target and then tries to build everithing
reset: clean all
# pdf -- buid pdf output
pdf: $(output)/$(target).pdf $(sources)
$(output)/$(target).pdf: $(sources)
pandoc $(pdf_opt) \
--output=$(output)/$(target).pdf \
# latex
latex: $(output)/$(target).tex $(sources)
$(output)/$(target).tex: $(sources)
pandoc $(pdf_opt) \
--output=$(output)/$(target).tex \
# mediawiki
mediawiki: $(output)/$(target).mw $(sources)
$(output)/$(target).mw: $(sources)
pandoc --from markdown --to mediawiki \
--output=$(output)/$(target).mw \
epub: $(output)/$(target).epub $(sources)
$(output)/$(target).epub: $(sources)
pandoc --from markdown --to epub \
--output=$(output)/$(target).epub \
odt: $(output)/$(target).odt $(sources)
$(output)/$(target).odt: $(sources)
pandoc --from markdown --to odt \
--output=$(output)/$(target).odt \
# github
github: $(sources) $(sources)
pandoc --from markdown --to markdown_github \ \
rm -f $(output)/*.pdf
rm -f $(output)/*.tex
rm -f $(output)/*.mw